About Us

The Look Enterprises, Inc., (TLE), headquartered in Washington, DC is a certified HubZone management consulting firm with offices in Houston, Texas, and Bowie, Maryland. Our management team is made up of retired business owners, marketing experts, and former Federal government employees with more than twenty-five years combined experience. As successful small business owners, Team TLE knows the importance of meeting federal mandates, and federal small business goals while supporting the missions and goals of the agencies. Our experienced Team implements “strategic solutions” designed with specific best practices essential for positive outcomes.

With contracts covering the world; including providing IT products to the White House, to training small to medium size businesses nationwide for the US Small Business Administration on how to successfully do business with the federal government and the private industry; TLE has effectively fulfilled multi-million, multi-year contracts providing products, services and management consulting expertise through a coordinated systems approach using proven Total Quality Management (TQM) strategies.

TLE’s mission is to provide a unique product offering from a holistic approach for your organization. Our integrated solution provides one-on-one personal consulting and the most comprehensive product offerings in the market today. Combined with our Right-Fit product/service matching, TLE substantially reduces the time and costs associated with the manual infrastructure management process. TLE's management approach will help guide your organization through the industries best practices, and provide necessary expertise for creative solutions, marketing, public relations, media, advertising, and other specialized technological needs.

The Look Enterprises, Inc. (TLE) unlike most diversified management consulting firms is prepared to make a total systems commitment to our clients. We tailor our services to the needs of each client. Our method and development techniques assure the finest possible system and organizational solutions for our clients. We define the nature of the issue, or requirement, collect, review, analyze information, report and make recommendations and implement the needed solutions.

Environmental Mission Statement

The importance of educating our customers to create a healthy environment for the future generation.

Environmental Vision Statement

We are committed to protecting and respecting the environment through outstanding environmental performance and efficiency in the conduct of our operations.

TLE will focus on the following initiatives as part of our ongoing efforts to attain this objective:

  • Commitment to a continual improvement process in environmental management.
  • Improvement of employee environmental performance through detailed policies and procedures, training, and recognition of excellence.
  • Efficient use of natural resources to minimize waste generation through efforts that include recycling, innovation, and prevention of pollution.
  • Integration of environmental responsibilities and considerations into daily operations and business decision-making processes.
  • Participation in the development of sound environmental policy within the facility management sectors.